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Call 2010 Open
On the field of the High Energy Cosmic Rays

Participant Countries: BE, CH, ES, DE, FR, IT, NH, PL, PT, RO, UK

Deadline: 4pm CET on 19 November 2010

Check the call announcement at the network site and your national contact point at FCT.

Transnational Cooperation

AStroParticle ERAnet

FCT is a member of ASPERA 2 (2008-2012), an ERA-NET network where 21 European research agencies from 19 countries and CERN seek best practice as a basis for cooperation in order to strengthen European research and to support the structuring of the European Research Area (ERA).

This particular project aims at setting up efficient trans-national cooperation in the field of Astroparticle research funding. Also contributing to the EU Strategy, ASPERA will allow the funding agencies to collate existing activities, compare future strategies and recommendations of consultive bodies and systematically explore opportunities for future collaboration.


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