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Acções Marie Curie

Acções Marie Curie

Bolsas de Integração de Carreira (CIG)

7º Programa-Quadro de ID&T
Programa Pessoas

What are the Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG)?

Marie Curie Career Integration Grants are intended to improve considerably the prospects for the permanent integration of researchers who are offered a stable research post in Europe after a mobility period in a country different from the country where the researcher has been active during the past years (i.e. the researcher has to be mobile but can come from anywhere in the world – moving within Europe or coming from outside Europe). The duration of these grants is between 2 and 4 years.

Who can apply?

Experienced researchers (with at least 4 years full-time postgraduate research experience or a doctoral degree) of any nationality who, at the time of the relevant deadline for submission of proposals, have not resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc) in the country of their host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the reference deadline (short stays, as holidays, are not taken into account). A researcher who has benefited or is benefiting from a FP6 or FP7 Reintegration Grant is ineligible for funding under this call.

The researcher applies in liaison with a host organisation located in an EU Member State or Associated country. The host organisation must be committed to ensuring an effective and lasting professional integration of the researcher for a period of at least the same duration as the project1. Evidence that the researcher will be integrated in the host organisation for a longer term will be positively taken into account during evaluation.

Which research topics are supported?

There are no predefined priority areas. Research fields are chosen freely by the applicants and all domains of research and technological development addressed under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union are eligible for funding.

How does it work?

The host organisation and the researcher submit jointly a proposal for a research project to the Research Executive Agency (REA). Applications will be evaluated and selected twice a year on the basis of deadlines for submission of proposals indicated in the call. The call will have two deadlines spaced approximately six months apart.

If the proposal is selected, the REA signs a grant agreement with the host organisation. The host must then provide the researcher with an employment contract (inclusive of social security, pension scheme and other social benefits)2 for at least the project's duration with similar or higher remuneration to that offered to equivalently qualified researchers at the same institution.

What does the funding cover?

The grant is a flat-rate contribution to support the research costs of the researcher at the career integration host (e.g. salary, other staff employed for the project, travel costs, overheads, management costs, etc).

How much funding is involved per fellowship?

The Union contribution is a fixed amount of €25.000 per researcher per year during the period of integration for 2 up to 4 years.

Lançamento do convite à submissão de candidaturas: 18 de Outubro de 2012

Datas de avaliação de candidaturas

  • 7 de Março de 2012 às 17:00:00, hora de Bruxelas (16:00:00 em Lisboa)
  • 18 de Setembro de 2012 às 17:00:00, hora de Bruxelas (16:00:00 em Lisboa)
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